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Rotaract is an international organisation of service clubs for men and women aged 18-30 that
fosters leadership and responsible citizenship, encourages high ethical standards in business
and promotes international understanding and peace.

Rotaract was founded in 1968 and is a  program of  Rotary International. Rotaract Clubs work
under  the guidance of their local Rotary Club, and  take their name from a combination of  the
words Rotary and  action. Rotaract Club of Shah Alam was chartered in 1983 and its name is
took from it guardian, Rotary Club of Shah Alam.

Today, there are some 160,000 members in more than 6,700 RotaractClubs around the world.
Clubs  draw members  from the community  or are organized as an  extracurricular activity for
college students. Rotaractors should be of good standing and reputation in their communities.

Rotaract  Clubs  conduct  formal  meetings,  usually every  two weeks,which feature speakers,
tours of local businesses, cultural activities, discussions, and visits to other clubs. Rotaractors
utilise weekends  for service  project  work,  social events,  and  professional  and  leadership
development  workshops.  The Rotaract Club of Shah Alam meets on 1st and 3rd Friday of
each month, 7.30pm, at Kelab Shah Alam (Shah Alam Club) in Shah Alam.

Every   Rotaract  Club  is  part   of  a  District  Rotaract  Organisation.   It  is  ran  by  elected
representatives  with  support  from  sponsoring  Rotarians. The  District  Organisation  plans
regional conferences, develops regional  projects,  holds  club  leadership  training programs,
and sponsors special events to strengthen the bond among clubs.

Rotaract  functions  internationally  through  a committee of  Rotaractors  and  Rotarians. This
committee works with Rotary International to plan an  annual day-long  forum held prior  to  the
Rotary  international  convention.  This  event  offers  Rotaractors  from  all  over  the world the
chance  to  meet,  discuss  issues  of  mutual   interest,   and  develop  friendships  based  on
international  goodwill  and  understanding.  Every  three  years  Rotaractors  conduct another
international   meeting  called  Interota,  named  from  the  words  international  and Rotaract.
     The goals of Rotaract:

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