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We would like to say a big THANK YOU for taking the trouble to sign our Guestbook.
Our Guestbook entries are documented here since its creation on 24th June 1999.

1. Ms. Shirley
* Alvin and Rotoract Club: I think this is wonderful, please do keep up the good work. Your American Friend on the Cyber Space of ICQ!
2. Sing
3. Kenneth
* Well done !!! keep it up ....!!
4. Michelle Tan
5. Nina Sapura
* hi everybody!!! i think this is a good start for the webpage. and i saw the club in the charity fair for the spastic school in johor bahru. Keep up with the good work!!!
6. Jason Lee
7. Pei Pei
8. Caroline Voon
* Hi guys, Great stuff! So much more professional compared to the first and previous one. Great achievement and improvement! Keep up the good work.
9. Shyerine Yuen
* ermmmm....i came across to know this club through alvin.....he said this club will be very fun and actually i'm still blur what is on with this i hope if there is any activities or have fun....pls do let me know,.....ya?
10. Sunthorn Kongth
* I want connected rotaract in malaysia, Because my club have project let's club go to khonkaen, thailand for exchange information and relaytion .If your club interest ,please conttact my club by pass I ok?
11. Ayako Michiyabu
12. Tacubaya Rotaract Club
* Greetings to all of you from your friends of the "Club Rotaract Tacubaya" in Mexico City, Mexico. We wish you all good luck and the best of everything for this Rotaract year 1999-2000.